Stock of bags by Le Pandorine

The brand Le Pandorine was founded in 2008 and is an expression of creative and self-deprecating women who love to show off their personality through original and colorful accessories.
The Le Pandorine handbag collection is all about vibrant and dynamic fashion, perfect for those who want to express their sunny disposition. The brand’s source of inspiration is precisely women around the world who love to live with enthusiasm and lightness. Our selection
Le Pandorine
ranges from different models of bags: shopping, shoulder bags, hand bags, backpacks and mini bags, all with colorful and original style. This imprint of lightness and attention to detail can also be seen in small accessories such as wallets and clutches, accessories with unmistakable taste.
Discover our selection of Le Pandorine bags. You’ll find a variety of styles to meet the style needs of all your customers.

The lots are perfectly matched and the products are faithful to the image. The goods are new, free of defects and include the original tags. The bags have an unmistakable style and are particularly suitable for the youngest. Le Pandorine is trendy and can perfectly match any type of style. Available in many models with different colors and patterns. The price is adjusted to the purchase quantity: the greater the quantity, the lower the price and the wider the assortment. We make our offers accessible to all types of customers / companies.

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