A look to the future starting from the past

Our story began 30 years ago in a small warehouse in the province of Naples, thanks to the courage and determination of Lino Buono, a young entrepreneur at the time, with a great passion for the world of stocks. The stages of our history highlight on the one hand the growth of the company, from a small local company to an international company, and on the other the values and motivations underlying its success.

This journey started in 1990 with a dream, has gradually turned into reality. Over the years, the expansion has taken place exponentially: from a small warehouse we have reached over 5000 m² of storage space and a showroom. Over time, the company has been joined by new young collaborators and a new partner, Carlo Pica, who have given an international appearance to our business, enriching the company with new values and new skills. In fact, today our company represents a real point of reference for clothing merchants from all over Europe.

We want to thank the customers, friends and collaborators who have accompanied us to this day in this wonderful journey. For us it was a unique and immensely rewarding experience. Our promise is to continue to guarantee our travel companions, past, present and future, the maximum commitment, maintaining and strengthening the values that have always distinguished our business.