Manila Grace Total Look

Manila Grace is a brand that was born in 2005 in Bologna from an idea of Maurizio Setti and has become day after day a real point of reference in the women’s fashion scene, thanks to the special attention in the quality-price ratio and also to the undeniable creativity of designer Alessia Santi. The choice of name is not at all accidental: “manilla” alludes to a natural fiber, light yet durable; “grace” stands for grace, harmony.

The woman proposed by Manila Grace in its collections is an original, exuberant and unconventional woman. A woman with a strong personality, never a victim of fashion and with a great desire to assert herself. Manila Grace collections are union of shapes, styles, fabrics and colors for modern looks for a woman who loves to dress well and have fun doing it. This brand offers a new way of facing the fashion world, against the usual patterns of women’s clothing. Each garment represents an idea of a woman that combines the simplicity of minimal style with the indispensability of a beautifully crafted product.

Our Manila Grace stocks provide for every part of the outfit and enclose seemingly simple garments alongside dresses with precious details and high-fashion creations. Handcrafted finishes, uniqueness in cuts and flowing shapes result in wonderful and timeless garments.

Our Manila Grace collections can meet your every style need. The dresses have a super comfortable fit and feature prints perfect for creating daytime, office and leisure looks. However, there is no shortage of evening proposals, the brand’s strong point. The design and sophistication of Manila Grace women’s collections will amaze you. Be won over by the best selection of Manila Grace garments for women to keep up with fashion and make the most of your business. This collection is already on super discount, but you can keep looking for your perfect bargain among the other products available on discount: it is full of good proposals for every season, with evergreen and exclusive garments.

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