Stock designer clothing by the kilogram



If you own a clothing store or outlet, you will certainly have heard of clothing stocks and almost certainly have considered approaching this particular type of business. However, as is very often the case, it is not always possible to find all the information necessary to be able to make a sufficiently accurate assessment about the possibility of profiting from the purchase and subsequent sale of clothing stocks. The discussion then becomes even more complicated when it comes to designer clothing stock by the kilogram. Well yes, if you had never heard of it there is also such a possibility. In fact, it is not uncommon for manufacturers or distributors to resell their overweight stock. The question to ask in this case is. è : Is it worth buying designer clothing stock by the kilogram? More importantly, can this particular method of purchasing be right for you? Let’s analyze it together in the next section.



The first thing to consider is that buying designer clothing stock by the kilogram is like buying sight unseen. In fact, in most cases, it is not possible to trace back with certainty the items within the stock or even their variations and sizes. While this can be risky because of the possibility of ending up with a pile of low-quality garments that are difficult to monetize, it can also result in real bargains; in fact, there is nothing to prevent that within the stock there may also be garments of excellent workmanship that can be sold cheaply. It is therefore impossible or nearly impossible to make an accurate a priori assessment. In fact, there are so many factors to consider: the price, the quantity, the quality grade of the merchandise, the season(s) in which it was produced, and one’s financial means are just some of the variables to calculate when buying designer clothing stock by the kilogram. But is it really worth asking all these questions and taking these risks?

Unfortunately, there is no single answer. The answer to this question è : it depends! If you are thinking of buying designer clothing stock by the kilogram, you need to consider all (and more )the factors we have discussed. Our personal experience leads us to advise you to make a different choice. This is because most stocks sold by the kilogram have defective and/or poor quality garments inside, which are unsaleable or cannot be sold cheaply. As you can easily guess, especially if yours is a niche boutique or retail store that particularly cares about the quality of the products it sells this may not be an optimal choice. However, it does not turn out to be a good choice even if you are a street vendor. If you think about it, in fact, the majority of stalls selling clothing at the market pile clothes on top of each other (because that’s how they buy them!) making it impossible for a customer interested in buying something to find what they are looking for easily. And if you have any experience in this area at all, you will know that after a few minutes rummaging through the counter to no avail, the customer decides to jump ship and move on elsewhere, knowing that he is unlikely to find what he likes. At this point we are sure you are wondering: is there an alternative? Let’s see it together in the following paragraph



Without mincing words, the alternative to buying clothing stock by the kilogram is there and it is valid and our customers know it well! In fact, buying clothing stocks in batches allows the advantages of stocks by weight to be retained and the risks of this particular type of trade to be nil. Our stocks in addition to being renewed weekly to allow our customers to always be competitive and in line with new market trends go through a long process that enhances step by step the items contained therein. In fact, the products we select, after being purchased, are shipped to the warehouse where they are carefully checked and divided into batches. Finally, the goods are carefully packed and a packing list is prepared containing the details of each lot. This will allow you to know exactly the composition of the stock (which is impossible in stocks purchased by the kilogram), to offer your customers great quality garments, and to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant post-purchase surprises, when it is now too late to realize the poor quality of the garments purchased. Moreover, in this way you will be able to monetize your investment more easily and with higher profit margins, and you will be able to offer your customers an optimal assortment of the garments themselves. Not bad at all, is it? If you’re looking for quality clothing at great prices to offer your customers, you’ve come to the right place! We have over 30 years of experience in this field and deal with over 50 of the best international fashion brands. Don’t wait any longer! Contact us or visit our website to take a look at the stock available for prompt delivery.